Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Looking for that perfect girl

This is 'Tonya'. She could be that perfect girl, but she's a bit high priced for me :) I'm sure you're all doing a double take right about now...what I'm actually looking for is an affordable mannequin I can use to design my necklaces on.

(I also need a bit of practice using my Gimp photo program on my iMac...I had it down when I had a PC but the layout is different now. I just spent two hours trying to add my last necklace design and a funky dress with no depth lol)

Seriously though, I want a mannequin. I have a design in mind that needs to exactly fit the curves around the neck and over the shoulders to hang just right. Impossible to do on myself and Chopper's neck is a bit thick to use :D

But have you seen the cost of mannequins? I've found a couple that are pretty banged up and really quite non-inspiring in an affordable range but I totally have to be inspired by how the piece looks on the model. Ethnic is great because that great honey tone works with colors so well. But I'd go for your normal WASP model if she had a bit of edginess and was affordable. 

Now, I'm on a budget (Ok...I really have no budget at all, money is extremely tight at the moment, but lets just pretend I have a small one) and it seems to me that I should be able to find a mannequin that will work in my price range (0-50 bucks top lol) 

I want at least a full half figure...I can use the arms and hands for designing jewelry , and I want the head because I'm thinking in some new directions too. I want the edgy look because I think my photographs would be nice on a 'live' model too. And ok, it would be fun to have a life size doll to play around with fashion wise :)

Now it seems to me that there are probably thousands of discarded or lost in storage mannequins out there, left over from failed businesses or downgraded to make room for newer models. I don't live in a very large city, but I'm still betting there's pretty little mannequins that would love a new home somewhere in this town.

I've searched the net and scoured the local ads, but no luck. If you have my 'perfect girl' out there, that's gathering dust in a corner, please drop me a line and let me know, I promise to give her a good home and if all goes well with my designs, I'll also make her a star!



  1. Peace be with you

  2. I've never gone looking for one, but what do department stores do with all of theirs? Hmmm, now it makes me wonder what Mervyns (do you have those there) did with all of theirs once they closed?

    I think I will call them tomorrow...I need an arm with a hand on it.

  3. no, no Mervyns here...if you find more than an arm, let me know!

  4. I went looking once (not for any practical reason; I just thought it'd be fun to have one!) & found the same problem. I wasn't even particular about looks, as I'd planned to paint it up. Really, you'd think they'd be much easier to come by.

  5. Yeah, maybe you could make a life size fashion dunny for me lol! Thanks for commenting :)

    Note: "dunny" (not dummy as in mannequin) spelled correctly...check out her site in my blog list to see what I'm talking about! They're wonderful!


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